Lucian Barnard and Searle Street Post’s Meredith Aylward co-edited This Might Sound Crazy, a 24-minute behind-the-scenes look at the unusual making of GoodLuck’s second album, Creatures of the Night.

Instead of going into studio, Goodluck headed out into the Namibian desert to bring organic sounds back into their music.

This documentary about that experience was directed by Stacey Howell of Motion City Films.

Ian Gabriel's Four Corners - poster

Four Corners, South Africa’s official submission for the Foreign Film category at The Oscars, is in local cinemas from today, 28 March 2014.

Ian Gabriel’s “child-gang thriller” was nominated for an International Press Academy Award for Best International Film. We also love that King James’s Alistair King nominated the film as ‘The Most Beautiful Object in South Africa’ at Design Indaba.

Searle Street Post’s David Grant handled the grade on Vicci Turpin’s beautiful cinematography; Charmaine Greyling did the online and digital intermediate; Ancois Human was the post-producer; and Armien Baradien and our CAR team oversaw the digital cinema deliverables and copies.


Searle Street Post handled the post-production on the Audi A8 The One & Only commercial, directed by Gil Bauwens with production company Lucky Fish for agency Tonic Dubai.

The car was shot in studio, then comped by Searle Street Post’s lead flame artist Udesh Chetty into the garage. The garage interiors were entirely created in 3D by Lung Animation. Extensive matte paintings were used to create the exterior shot. Look out for the massive garage doors — another piece of 3D that was never actually there. Searle Street Post also replaced most of the skies and worked their trickery on the 3D sculpture in the lounge.

The spot’s tagline is “The quest for the finest is something I never compromise on,” a motto we can relate to.